Special Requests:
"Would you like to see a menu?"

Whether your project is:

  • A "Feel-good" video for the next board of directors meeting.

  • A TV commercial telling everyone about your company's grand opening.

  • Streaming video for your website.

  • Or just about anything else, we can help you get your message across.
  • Mercurion can create virtually any production you require. It doesn't matter if you need custom music scoring, 3D computer animation, sound effects, areal shots, actors, or stunt coordinators. If you can dream it, we can find a way to make it happen.

    Below are a few still frames from only a couple of our 3D animations. Of course, we can create whatever you need for your project.

    Click on a Thumbnail to see a larger version

    Earth and Moon

    Puzzle Faces

    Click on this Thumbnail to see variations of web-video

    Mercurion Animation Samples


    Contact Information:


    E-mail: info at mercurion-media.com

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