"Put it all together and..."

By its simplest definition, editing is matching the best shots from the raw footage to the script.

Of course, there is quite a bit more to it than that. This is where all the pre-production planning pays off. Depending on the production, the number of hours in the edit room can vary widely. However, if all of the previous steps are followed, the editing process can be an enjoyable and possibly even fun experience for you.

During editing, the voice-over is added using a professional voice talent. Graphics are created according to the script and often help to keep the interest of your viewers. Special effects can be used to change scenes or accent important points. If your project needs it (and your budget allows), 3D animations and other items can be created to add that extra touch of style to your production.

You can choose music from our library to help move your video along or to enhance the mood of a particular area.


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